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Why hire a Certified Public Accountant instead of a bookkeeper or a seasonal tax preparer?
An accountant provides accounting services to individuals and businesses. A Certified Public Accountant is a financial professional who has met strict educational and experience requirements, including the passing of a difficult examination called the Uniform CPA Examination. An accountant is responsible for preparing and analyzing financial documents to ensure taxes are legally paid and all other financial matters are resolved correctly and efficiently. Certified accountants require a combination of education and natural skills for success.

What kind of clients do you serve?
Farmers, railroaders, big corporations, small business owners, personal private finances, anyone who needs my expertise.

How accessible are you to your clients?
I have occasionally made on-site visits to businesses to assist them with their needs. My office hours make me accessible to walk in clients as well as those that need to make appointments.

What about confidentiality in a small town?
CPA's are responsible for adhering to a strict code of ethics. As a professional I know how important it is for you to trust that I keep your business information confidential. (See Privacy Policy)